'Wind in the Trees'

by Whetherman

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'Wind in the Trees' is the fourth studio album by Whetherman, recorded in a week at Parlor Studios in New Orleans, LA with engineer and co-producer Matt Grondin.


released May 15, 2011

Nicholas Williams- Songwriting, Lead/Backup Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele
Matt Grondin- Mandolin, Moog, Ukulele
Nate Werth- Percussion



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Whetherman Jacksonville, Florida

Take one seasoned, bucolic folk artist and mix him with the easy-listening likes of Ray Lamontagne, crossed with all the poetic feels of Bob Dylan’s early recordings. Enter Whetherman, the music of 32 year-old independent troubadour Nicholas Williams, who has self-produced eight full-length albums of soulful folk music, with a highly anticipated new record 'This Land releasing in June of 2017.' ... more


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Track Name: I Shaped a Home
I shaped a home from the clay and stone
Settled by a railway and a road
From Richmond, back up to Ohio
Farther into untaimed acres
I scaled a mountain and saw this land
From the highest I could reach with my hands

I'm weathered and relentless
Not claiming what's pretentious anymore
Thinking of the past, when I was not myself, no
How long will this last,
Should anyone tell my story?
When I shaped a home

I shaped a home of the wood and stone
To be along the countryside
Miles a part from those hollow souls
From preaching to a choir
That I need forgiveness
When I don't care to be forgiven
Track Name: Penny Street
There's an archway made of brimstone
A shelter and an open door
For the tired men, or the crippled and the poor
I walk passed the scent of ashtrays
Any day I decide to roam
Where my feet shall take me
On Penny Street when I'm alone

I feel good when my feet take me along Penny Street

Guarantees I had about being here
Years down the road
Trickled off like beading water
And departed like smoke
Memories are foggy but comfy
It's not often that my mind unwinds
But I feel good when my feet take me
Along Penny Street sometimes

I feel good when my feet take me along Penny Street

There are birds traveling on the skyline
Guiding my eyes near the sunlight
If the wind could talk it'd surely say
Follow me this way...
And I could leave
Let my feet take me
So far from Penny Street...
Track Name: Sea Line
To sit and see the flock far into the sea line
Circling the hunting ships for remains or uncommon charity
Is just like mankind upon their mother earth
Crowded and missing pieces
Small or large they're setting up tomorrow's sorrow

Convoluted in theory
It's not to bore the trained ear
Some will never grasp I fear
That the heart not easily shaken
Is a homestead of patience

Should you grow skeptic of my understanding
Employ and emote what you can
I've stopped and I've ran since I began
Though I can't say when I will again


Whether you're in or out of wealth
Don't lay to rest those careless wishes
Put forth the able man
Charter on that sea line
Track Name: Run to a Citadel
It was not long before I knew
That consequences come for you
Whether condemned or comforted the case
The storybook flips the next page

I arose from the thickest pine
No use I perceived in coming clean
Man the trees had climbed up so high
The moon wasn't guiding my sight

I have conjured all the guilt and blame
I've removed their names
And I've emptied the rage
The imposter and the framed
Picking up pace... run to a citadel

The trailing dogs howled at the daylight awaking
A riverbed stood too wide to cross in quick time
My hesitation was not overlook
As a gentlemen's rifle closed my storybook
Track Name: Weeping Willow
Come gather your teardrops you weeping willow
There's been no warning of a healthy backfire in some time
You can crush your fears just as quick as you pick up
A feeling that is stored in the roots and the vines

To put case in point
It's a choice we coin
Comparing yourself to your former self
Repair and restore
We both know it's getting old
As a weeping willow

Come listen to the children you weeping willow
There's plenty of laughter and regard for bettering your mind
You rush and you ruin a lesson worth taking
A step in the direction to somewhere you may not have been before
Track Name: Golden Miles
Well I contend that I can make amends
Bury grief play the bookends
I'm not coy as I set out to be
With a changing world, you seldom beat the streats

Deny or defend, you and I've been through the bends
And we'll see it when we're coming to an end

You have got to stand by your words or phrasings
We say what we don't mean to learn about our hatred
It may be to grow some, but if it's like gold
Let's keep it in the sun
I'm taking life out on the open road
Where not a one of us knows where we're going

Expecations looming behind hope
Young, brief disasters
There's a constant search for elation
It's so rare to understand this fiery sensation
Track Name: The Orchard
Humming-little-bird climbing the side of the tree
Immersed in ordinary things
When it rains it may be pouring
But fleeting is the feeling that's adored

In the orchard, the wind blows often
Less the storm shall rage fierce
There's a shelter held near
Where the fruit has become rotten

It's hard to forget the tales
When I'm carrying the times in my sails
Where nothing changes until it fails

Early morning light, the fall brings leaves to my feet
With the fog and cold toiling to send the birds south of here
In the orchard, the wind dies often
And I know that I'm getting old
Though I once have been told
That it all goes on without us


In the orchard, the sorrow is kind
Spent longing in the very scene
Where we last stood gathering
A breath of affection and mind
It was all in it's place
I can't rewind, nor reverse
Can't repair, or rehearse
Track Name: In the Know
I rode upon a horse and carriage
Like a king of the ages
Crowned and heavily clothed
Carrying pride and treasure
For the good of the country (x2)

I crossed the open fields of the north
Like the sun stretching on
Planting the seeds of the apple trees
Westward on my way back home
For the good of the land (x2)

Among the guidelines be in my sights to find
Whatever it is I'm supposed to be
It's not obvious as it may seem
But I can wish and I can hope
I can kiss and I can cope
But taking notes will always show
That I'm steps away from being in the know

I held a bow and arrow
Like robin hood
Light on the feet and the hands
I'm bearing some gifts for your labor
For the good of the people (x2)
Track Name: Life Cycle
Just as easy as it's made out to be
It doesn't help anything not to view the scenery
Broken and repeated healing
Comes and goes with the steps misleading

And if you don't believe it
Try it out
Chase perception, gather doubts
Fill and release, tire and wake
All the cycles of life are this way

And whether you're strewn and blessed with refrains
Or without the gain of drops in the rain
Hopeless spoken for accused it's all the same
When you'd bleed for your lover's sake
Track Name: Bridges are the Hills
I once had become only what I'd known
Hidden horizons caged the roar inside
A young man a child at the same time
I've kept what's for the best
What more is there to care for?

And I've made my way to the coast
Where the bridges are the hills
And I'm seeking only the things
Written in my dreams
It's no facade these days
And I'm changing for the better

It's the simple part of this complexity
I'd fend for any given day of the week
I can't use boxed and packaged phrases
Can't sell my intuition unless it's for wisdom
What more is there to care for?
Track Name: The Sun and Penelope
Hey hey, why have you gone astray now?
No no, no need to run no more
Hey hey, I know I've worn your soul down
But I can give you plenty reasons not to flee this town

Hey hey, I want to hear you're coming home now
No no, it's looking grim I'm sure now
Cause it's been hours, days and weeks
Without the sun to shine on me and Penelope

Hey hey, I learned you moved across the sea
No no, no way I'll wait another day
Hey hey, I've gotten on that plane now
Cause I can give you plenty reasons not to flee that town