This Land

by Whetherman

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Six Rivers
Alrance, France
Strawberry Blonde
With What You Have
The Hold Up
Hurt and Heal
Current of the Sea
All About Nothing
In My Writing
Train Station Stop Blues
Sounds of the Forest


Nicholas Williams, better known as Whetherman, announces the release of his eighth record 'This Land'. The album pays homage to the collective messages spread by Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger of “this land was made for you and me” with tinges of American-made spanning folk, blues, soul, country, and bluegrass.

Leading with the single, “What Am I Supposed to Think?” A lyrical commentary on Trump’s tweets, the song comes off like a late night conversation with Father John Misty at the local bar. It is a conversation not unlike many happening across the world when it comes to the topic of Trump. Set to a backdrop of fingerpicking guitar and warm harmonica, the song was birthed at the 2017 Folk Alliance International Conference. “Six Rivers” serves as a reminder of nature as a calming force; “Hold Up” merges the parallels of financial instability with gun violence; “This Land’ is a conduit to environmental protection; and “All About Nothing” is a commentary on media’s role in the political system.

Williams says, “Being on the move and going to new places regularly became an integral part of being cultured on different perspectives and walks of life, and that outlook has certainly crept into my music. I don’t believe in judgement without action, and I do not discriminate against anyone. But most of all, traveling has afforded me a lot of time in nature, which has been the largest inspiration for my songs.”

-Green Light Go-


releases June 16, 2017

Nicholas Williams - Guitars, Vocals, Banjo, Ukulele, Piano, Tambourine
JP Salvat - Percussion
Adam Mantovani - Upright Bass
Dayna Osan - Violin
Alex Hayward - Drums
Arvid Smith - Pedal Steele, Dobro
Eric Brigmond - Keys



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Whetherman Jacksonville, Florida

Take one seasoned, bucolic folk artist and mix him with the easy-listening likes of Ray Lamontagne, crossed with all the poetic feels of Bob Dylan’s early recordings. Enter Whetherman, the music of 32 year-old independent troubadour Nicholas Williams, who has self-produced eight full-length albums of soulful folk music, with a highly anticipated new record 'This Land releasing in June of 2017.' ... more


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Track Name: What am I supposed to think?
What am I supposed to think?

What am I supposed to think?
When you can't hear opinions
That question your own beliefs
And your own contradictions
A frame of mind is hard for those who choose not to see

What am I supposed to think
Your attention lacks compassion
And the words you choose to speak
Are ripe with flaws and backlash
Light enough to float, yet somehow still they manage to sink

What am I supposed to think?
It's about time I started using my mind
To better my beliefs

What am I supposed to think?
When injustice runs rampant
Bought up by monopoly
My government cannot govern me
And fix me up with a tie, and a working wage by and by

What am I supposed to think?
It's about time I started using my mind
To better my beliefs

What am I supposed to think?
What good is resistance?
Well who are we supposed to be?
When they push us in their systems
To be happy within
Just as long as your giving in
To a life without thinking twice

What am I supposed to think?
It's about time I started using my mind
To better my beliefs
Track Name: This Land
Take heed, take heed, of the warnings gone by
Our brothers and sisters will all be defined
By these tattered remains that we leave behind
At the rate were going, destroying mankind

Take heed, take heed, for the battle cry
Our leaders are lying before our own eyes
What tattered remains will we leave behind
At the rate were going, blind leading the blind

Take heed, take heed, it's a lonely fall
Our children may suffer after us all
With these tattered remains we leave behind
At the rate were going with senseless minds

Have a laugh, have a drink
It's only the brink that were treading on
What on earth makes us think
This land is here to starve under our feet?

But take heed, take heed, for we must try
To turn round the tides and live different lives
Our children will use what we leave behind
And there ain't a notion quite like hindsight